Is Uber a Great Phone App?

Uber, what a catchy name! I’m sure you’re wondering how Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick thought of this amazingly crazy name for his company. Truth is, he just shortened the name “UberCab” after he was told to shut down his company for running an unlicensed taxi service. Uber is a mobile application and acts as a type of taxi service in which any driver can act like a taxi and drive people are around. One thing I like about Uber is the app relies on our phones GPS system, which means both the passenger and the driver can see where the respective parties are. Uber is unique, but is it a great app? Let’s dive into this discussion a little more and figure that out.

First, we need to understand how Uber works. Although a contract is signed between both the driver and the company, Uber doesn’t own any of the vehicles that drive under its name. Basically, Uber is a referral service for people who want to drive others around. The people that do drive for Uber obviously have background checks and their cars must be insured, but other than that, anything is a go. The great thing that I like about Uber is that the drivers get 75% of the money that they make from every trip. This is encouraging as it opens many more job opportunities to individuals. Because the drivers get commission this can also be a downside, simply because it relies completely on whether people choose to drive with you or not.

The app also lacks opportunities for drivers to move up and get promotions or be noticed by bosses or people in positions of importance. Making the job a lot less stable than many people would want it to be. Other than the unpredictability of the workload and opportunities for growth, it is still a thriving job if you have great customer service skills and great driving skills. As a passenger, I would much rather ring an Uber than try to find a taxi. With an Uber I have more control and I’m not left confused about how far away my ride is. I believe Uber gives you a lot more piece of mind than a generic taxi service. Perhaps one of the downsides of a using Uber is the unreliability of what the driver will be like. It is easier to trust someone who drives for a normal taxi company than someone who uses their own car.

All in all, I believe that Uber is a great idea and even revolutionary as it gives people more freedom to create an income. I enjoy the fact that the company gives the drivers a fair cut and treats them with respect, however I don’t like that it isn’t as reliable as other driving services are. Personally, I would rather catch public services, however if I had to pick between a normal taxi company or an Uber, I would probably choose the tax company. From an unbiased point of view, it is a great idea, and if they continue to improve and tweak the idea then I believe they can create something truly amazing.


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