U.S. authorities get access to the iPhone linked to drug trafficking case in New York

iPhone 5s in New York case unlocked

The United States Department of Justice announced today that it has gained access to the iPhone linked to a drug trafficking case in New York and thus has decided to drop the case against Apple. Thus leaving the issue by trying to get Apple to help unlock the device.

The US Justice filed a brief before a judge in Brooklyn (New York) that it now has access to the smartphone and were informed to remove the court petition against Apple because “they no longer needs the help of Apple” to be access the phone by other means.

The justice department gave a statement to the court:

“Yesterday evening, an individual provided the password to the iPhone at issue in this case. Late last night, the government used that password and gained access to the iPhone. Accordingly, the government no longer needs Apple’s assistance to unlock the iPhone and withdraws its application.”

So far, the case was ongoing where the U.S. authorities wanted Apple to help the investigators unlock the iPhone to which Apple had denied.

Also, do you remember the legal battle of FBI in the San Bernardino case where the FBI wanted Apple to assist to unlock the iPhone and share the date in it. In this case too, Apple had denied and thus FBI hired hackers who found a loophole in the iPhone security and hacked into the iPhone providing FBI the data.

Since, the same loophole was not present in the iPhone of Brooklyn case, the authorities had filed a case against Apple for helping them.

FBI Director James Comey said :

“The method , in fact, does not work on every iPhone. It wouldn’t work on the newer versions of the device, such as the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. The case in New York involves an iPhone 5S running the iOS 7 operating system, which has older encryption technology.”

Since an individual has provided the U.S. authorities with the password, it’s a sign of relief for the investigators and they no longer want to push Apple for unlocking the iPhone in this case.


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