How To Stay Informed Using Your iPhone News App

Today, iPhone’s are the go-to smartphone for most individuals. Their capacities, capabilities, high-quality, and straightforward, ease of use make them incredibly reliable and useful. Furthermore, this reliability translates into a mobile device that is great for professional and/or personal use. We are living in a day and age where technology is ever at our fingertips, ready to help us get anywhere we want, talk to anyone we want, and find the information for everything. Sure, it is not uncommon for individuals to abuse this ever-present access to technology. However, there are a plethora of benefits that have the potential to empower us and keep us well informed.

The app that provides us with this empowerment by giving us access to essential knowledge is the iPhone News app. This app allows users access to articles on a range of topics that are waiting to be discovered. So, the question we must answer? How exactly to use this iPhone app to stay informed and aware.


How to Access Articles Through “For You”

“For You” is an aspect of the iPhone News App that selects trending topics that many readers and editors mark as significant. This section of the app will also utilize topics that you’ve listed as your favorites in order to provide you immediate access to articles that you would find interesting. Adding a particular topic or channel to your “For You” can be done by browsing the explore section. If you come across a section or topic that you find appealing, you can tap it and add it to your favorites. This will help in the customization process for the articles that appear in the “For You” section.


How to Save or Share a Story

Another great thing about the News App on the iPhone is the potential to save stories for later or share them with friends. If you come across a story in your feed that really grabs your attention, you can swipe left, tap the share button, and choose to save it for later or share it with a friend via messages, mail, or other communication platforms. By saving the story, you can access the story offline as well, making for a great read when you’re not connected.


How to Further Customize Your News Feed

One other reason that many love the News app is because of its extensive personalization. While some individuals may find news pertaining to a particular topic especially interesting, others may prefer to see other topics headlining their feed. If you come across a story in particular that you would prefer not to see, you can tap to dislike it, while will prevent it and similar news stories from popping up in your “For You” section in the future. Utilizing this function will keep your “For You” feed truly for you, providing you with immediate access to news articles that relate to you and follow along with your interests.


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