How To Make A Movie With Your iPhone

Do you wanna be be the next Steven Spielberg? Do you fancy yourself a Kevin Smith of the modern age? The truth is, that mobile device in your hand is all you need to start shooting a feature film – I can guarantee it’s better than anything the Hollywood greats had when they first started!

There are plenty of gadgets and gizmos out there that will let you do some interesting things with your iPhone. Tripod attachments, additional lenses, even portable microphones now exist if you want that exceptional studio quality to your latest masterpiece – so if you’re really serious, get some research in. Either way, you will want to follow the next few steps:

  1. Prepare

Start with the basics – does your phone have enough memory to suddenly take on a whole load of unedited video clips? Do you plan on shooting inside or outside – and is there a chance you’ll have the noise of traffic ruining your every shot?

Don’t forget to think of an idea, either. Boil a story down to a sentence or two and you will be on the right track – just use your imagination and run with it!

  1. Set Up Your Shoot.

Once you’ve got the basics covered, you’ll want to head into your Settings > Photos & Camera and scroll down until you hit Camera. Here you can adjust the settings of your video camera –  personally I film at 1080p HD at 30fps but you can go higher if you want that smoother look (or simply have a more up to date camera than me!).

Whatever you do, don’t use the zoom function. This will spoil the quality of the image, so set up the phone as close to the action as necessary. This may also help in getting decent audio, as on board microphones don’t tend to be all that effective at range – certainly not when there’s background noise.

Avoid pointing the camera at sources of light – windows are a big problem – and ensure that the camera is focusing on what you want it on. Tap and hold the focus point of your image (an actor’s face, for example) until the AE/AF LOCK appears – this has locked in the exposure, which can be adjusted with a small swipe.

  1. Film!

Go on, fill your boots. Do some reverse angles, do some crazy POV stunts. Use your imagination and tell a story like your childhood heroes. Just remember the basics above and make sure the lens is facing towards the action.

  1. Edit.

As any editor will tell you, this is where the real art of moviemaking happens. The best thing about is, now you can do it at the touch of a button. Tap and drag clips where you need them, and be extra careful when trimming clips down.

Finally, throw in some titles and a couple of audio tracks and there you have it. A film of your very own. Just remember me when your name is up in lights, capiche?


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