iPhone Apps: The Snapchat Review

Snapchat is one of the most popular App’s available on the market today.

I remember my first time I ever used Snapchat. I thought it was such a crazy idea but such a simple one where you send a short snap of what you are doing to one of your friends. Alas, gone are the days where snapchat simply involved taking a picture and sending it to people. It is now much more complex. Heck, you can even send money to people through using Snapcash. It would be an understatement to say that the app has branched out into more areas than just simply taking a picture and sending it. The most crucial question I could ask you, is whether Snapchat is a good app or not?

Is Snapchat Safe?

One of the thoughts than come to my mind when I think about snapchat is “safety”. Is it a safe app? In my opinion, it certainly has potential to be extremely unsafe. The reason I think this, is because of the freedom people have to send you pictures. Snapchat is generally used by children and teenagers. The fact that the app has no moderation, monitoring or identity verification, means that there is such a high level of potential for abuse and hacking.

Now, things weren’t to worrying when the only thing people could send is photos, however since they added Snapcash, which is an element of snapchat which allows people to send money to one another, the danger levels have skyrocketed. Snapcash is literally the most dangerous thing on your phone since snapchat. It was reported that an anonymous hacker leaked 4.6 million snapchat users’ usernames, as well as partial phone numbers. This was worrying as it opened the door to people getting stalked online by dangerous individuals.

Is Snapchat Fun?

The main reason Snapchat was created was for entertainment purposes. I’ll admit, it is interesting to send people funny snapchats and see what they send you back. People can get very creative! Personally, I enjoy not even sending photos to people, but using the filters that are available so that I can alter my photo. My favourite is the dog filter! There are many ways you can have fun on snapchat. The idea does get stale eventually. I hardly ever send any snaps to my friends nowadays, it just doesn’t excite me like it used to.

Another way people use Snapchat is by showing people what you do throughout the day by adding snaps to your story. The story is free to be viewed by anyone, unless you create restrictions, then only your friends can watch your story.

Conclusion. Is it A Good App?

Snapchat is a unique idea that will always be popular among younger people, however I feel like it has reached its full potential. Even as a 19-year-old, I hardly ever use the app nowadays. There’s just better ways I can spend my time. It is a fun app to use, it is a good app. I don’t recommend using it however, simply because the risks of using it outweigh the potential amount of fun you may have with the app.


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