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How to Listen Music on Apple Watch

listen music on apple watch
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Learn the best way to listen music on Apple Watch. Music makes every individual go gaga. People love to listen music almost anytime and anywhere. When a device like Apple smartwatch allow you to hear music anywhere, it brings a treat to all the music lovers. The users of this smart gadget can use his/her Apple watch, to listen music on their respective iPhone’s or you can sync your music playlist to your Apple watch to listen without an iPhone.

listen music on apple watch


The user can use their Apple watch to control the music which is playing on the iPhone, only when the paired iPhone is in the range. For this you have to open the Music app, scroll the options up and then tap to choose an option that makes it as the source. Then scroll down again to choose any of the following operations from the list like:

listen music on apple watch

Quick play: To choose a list of songs, you can tap quick play if you have Apple Music membership.

Beats1: If you desire to listen to Apple’s 24/7 worldwide radio station then tap Beats1.

My Music: Choose what you desire to listen by browsing the music library  by Artists, Albums, or Songs.

Now Playing: To play or pause the music currently playing on your iPhone you can click on this option.

Playlists: If you want to listen to any playlist already on the iPhone.


By pairing with your Bluetooth headphones you can listen to music from your Apple watch without your iPhone. For which all you have to do is open the Music app and scroll upwards to choose your Apple watch as the source. Then scroll downwards to choose any operation from the list below:

My Music: You can browse the desired music by songs, albums and artists from your library, once you sync your watch with the playlist from the iPhone.

Playlists: Enables you to play music from the playlists.

Now Playing: Allows the user to play or pause the music that is currently playing on the watch.


listen music on apple watch

If you do not know how to make playlist then, here we bring in to you a quick help:

To create a playlist:


listen music on Apple Watch

  • Go to the music app –> Tap my music option –> Playlists –> New It would now prompt you to give a name to your playlist –> Tap to add songs–> After adding Tap ‘done’ this would save your playlist.

You can search for songs from your music library to add, to your playlist.

  • Sometimes you would wish to edit the existing playlist, to either add a song or to delete a song from the playlist. Therefore, to edit the playlist you can,

On your iPhone, Open the Music app –>  Tap MyMusic –>  Playlists –>  Tap edit –> Add or remove the song –> Tap done to save changes.

To add a song tap add, that would enable you to search song from the library, but if you want to remove the song then tap icon , this icon to remove.


From iPhone:

Go to setting –> Bluetooth( Turn on the Bluetooth) –> Then, go Apple watch app –>Tap My Watch –>Tap Music –> Synced Playlist.

After that you can tap to select the playlist that you want your Apple watch to sync with. When you find a message saying syncing pending, this when the playlists begin to sync from the iPhone to the Apple watch.

Wait till the sync gets finished, to check the sync progress you can Open the Apple watch app on the iPhone –> Tap music.


Only after pairing with the Bluetooth headphones you can listen to the music from your Apple watch’s synced playlist.

  1. Tap the music app, from the home screen of your Apple watch.
  2. Tap the sourceà as Apple watch, by firmly pressing the home screen of the watch.
  3. Tap playlists.



Open the Apple watch app on your iPhone –> Tap My Watch Tab –> Tap Music –> Synced playlist –> Select None.

Make sure the Apple watch is on charging when you remove the playlist.

To ensure correct happening of all this stuff, make sure that you download music stored in cloud such as from the Apple music or iTunes Match to the respective iPhone’s before you sync it with the Apple watches.



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