How To Enable Cookies On Macbook Pro

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Check out the step by step tricks to enable cookies on Macbook pro. Cookies by nature are small files that enable a website to store files or any kind of content on your own personal computer or any device like MacBook Pro. The meritious side of using and having cookies on a computer or any device is that it helps speed up the connection to a website. It helps the user load the pages from a web browser very fast which in turn helps the user accomplish their desired task easily. It lies in the hand of the user to switch on and off the cookies. Generally, businesses block the cookies to stop any third party from tracking their browsing history.

We human are always on an urgent when it comes to any kind of work be it a simple or a tough one. So if you are visiting a website regularly, you would definitely want to log into it as quickly as possible. And to act faster you will need to activate or use cookies on your device. The development in technology has made improvement by letting the visitor of the site know that the site is using cookies.


Now To Let You Know, How To Enable Cookies On Macbook Pro…???

Enable Cookies In Safari:

Click on the Safari –> Then on preference –> Up next choose privacy to enable cookies.

After which you can see a window getting displayed. You must know that safari by default blocks the cookies from the advertiser and third parties. But then it also allows you to change the settings to “ always block the cookies” or say “ never block the cookies”.

enable cookies on Macbook Pro

Enable Cookies In Google Chrome:

If you are using Chrome to do your daily browsing then here is the way to enable cookies on it. So all you have to do is Go to Chrome –> Preferences after which you will view a settings menu in the browser window.  Now scroll downwards and click on “ Sow advanced settings” option to pop the privacy options on the screen.

After which you will be required to click on the “ Content settings” button –> Then, enable the cookies right up there –> Finally click “ Allow local data to be set”  or if you desire you can allow chrome itself to store the cookies. You can also block all the sites, or third parties from viewing your stuff.


Enable Cookies In Firefox:

So when it comes to a Firefox browser all you have to do is:

Go to Firefox –> Then, Preference –> Click onto Privacy.

Then make an attempt to choose and click “Firefox will use custom settings for history” which is placed under the HISTORY option.  You can now click onto to “ Accept cookies from various other sites” and choose from a variety of options like ‘From visited’, ‘Always’ and ‘Never’. Selecting these options will keep your cookies according to and from the time period you selected.

So if you are the user of any of these three web browser, then you can follow the respective steps to enable cookies on your MacBook Pro. The MacBook is indeed a great device to use which enables the user experience the best with all its attractive features.

To make it simple, You can go through these points in a jiffy:

  1. On your dock or device, click on the “Safari” icon.
  2. Click on the “Safari” icon and once after that click on the” Preference” option.
  3. After which it depends on you to select the privacy options regarding your cookies. Click on the Privacy tab-à Click any of the options from your Mac device like “block third parties” or “ Never” according to your convenience.

So, cookies enable you to do the work faster as well as store personal data which you use on a repeated basis. It offers you to have the best web browsing experience along with a better privacy setting mode.




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