Google Photos is the Best Photo Storage App Available

Do you ever check your storage on your iPhone and see that your photos take up most your storage space? Believe me, I have felt the pain of having to decide which photos to keep and which to delete. That is, until I found the app called Google Photos. Google Photos helped me recover over 3 GB of storage space by allowing me to store my photos and videos online without having to worry about how much media content I’m allowed to have on the app.

The main reason I believe Google photos is so great is because it doesn’t have a limited to how many photos and videos you can store. You can upload an unlimited amount of content onto Google Photos for free which is crazy! I mean, it is nearly unheard of to have such little boundaries on something that is free to everyone. The only downside about this certain aspect is that you can only upload unlimited photos with original quality, you do not have unlimited storage space to turn all your photos into high quality then upload them. This is only a minor setback for most people that have the same problem I had of running out of phone space.

The great thing about this app is that there isn’t any sneaky spam or anything along those lines pressuring you to upgrade or promoting other apps. It’s literally just there to give you a space to store all your photos and videos. One other super cool feature is that as you upload more photos, the app sense which photos are like others and creates playlists and slideshows out of all of them. For example, when I was in Europe I uploaded my content onto Google Photos, and within hours of me uploading the photos, there would be many different folders and slideshows under many different tags. There would be a folder full of my photos I took in Paris, or in Barcelona. It is extremely helpful especially when I came back to New Zealand and wanted to show everyone photos, I could just choose an isolated folder so I could show them what a specific place was like.

Something that people might fight a pain is that when the photos are being uploaded from your phone to the app, your phone must have the application open and you can’t leave the app page until every photo is uploaded, or else you may risk the chance of not saving all your photos. That is why I recommend try to save your photos onto the app each day so then you don’t have to wait for very long and because then you won’t have to worry about losing your photos because they will forever be within the app from then on.

I believe this is an amazing app, especially since it is free for everyone. Personally I recommend that others use this as it will help open up space on your phone and will also keep your media content safe.


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