Desktop App For Mac OS And Windows Launched by Whatsapp

Whatsapp Desktop app for Mac OS

Whatsapp has been a massively popular app which we find in almost every smartphones or devices. And today it announced the launch of a native desktop app which would be available on both Windows and Mac devices.

Though there were speculations earlier this week on the new release, where the screenshots of the new desktop app was leaked indicating the functionalities.

Whatsapp which is owned by Facebook revealed that this new launch would support the users, by enabling them to use Whatsapp on their desktops to carry out the conversations with an ease. They also ensured that it would support better keyboard shortcuts, notifications on your desktop with many more beneficial stuff.

This has come like an advanced and improvised service after the debut of Whatsapp web, several months ago. This new desktop app would be available in all the Mac OS 10.9 and above versions and Windows 8. The user can sync the app with the mobile devices which would enable them to receive all the notifications and conversations on their desktops.

The inclusion of this app on the desktop would make this service more accessible, which would help accelerate this standalone messenger rapidly. It already has 1 billion successful users and this addition would make the count reach a great height.

Know how to install this app..? To get the Whatapp app for your desktop all you need to do is download the app from this link from your desktop browser. Once when you are done, downloading. Open the app and the scan the QR code with the Whatsapp on your mobile device. To get the QR scanner go to settings and click “ WhatsApp Web”, this will activate the scanner instantly. Once when the QR code is authenticated, the desktop would sync with your phone to acquire the contact list. And then with that you are ready to use the app whenever and wherever from your desktop.

It would give you the same infact, a better feel than the mobile version..!!!


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