How To Clear Your iPhone Ram To Increase Phone Speed

Ever wondered why your iPhone is acting slow? or why it is giving you so many problems dealing with lag? well look no further! In this simple and short tutorial i will be teaching you how to clear your iPhone’s ram to increase your phones speed!

Step 1

Hold the power/sleep button until the power off slider comes up.

Step 2

Let go of the power/sleep button after it shows up.

Step 3

Hold down the home button on your iPhone.

Step 4

In a few seconds, your phone will flash or black out and return to the home screen and boom! your phones memory will have cleaned up!

These are little tricks that apple usually doesn’t tell their user base so it is up to me to inform the masses on how to become power iPhone users! This should definitely help speed up your phone, as it has done for me as well in the past and present.


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