Apple latest TV advertisement sheds light on tvOS apps

Apple TV Ad

Apple this evening has shared a new advertisement for its Apple TV set-top box. This ad continues the trend of the company highlighting the tvOS App Store. The tvOS app store contains some of the best applications which will bring a whole new experience of using a television. The title “Apple TV – The Future of TV is Apps” is placed in the commercial which is used since the entry of this product in October last year.

Today Apple has released the latest commercial advertising for Apple TV. This advertisement carries the companies pattern revealing the use of tvOS apps of a future television. Different apps of various categories such as entertainment, food, shopping and games appeared in the advertisement such as Netflix, HBO Now, Fox Now, Showtime, Crossy Road, Disney Infinity and Asphalt 8.

Since its launch in October 2015, Apple has boosted its marketing to promote the Apple TV of the fourth generation. Along with the advertisement on T.V, they have also started a billboard marketing campaign all over the country flaunting this product. The ad which was released last month shed light on iTunes as well as the tvOS apps and they also produced a line of short videos in November, every single concentrating on a selected app.

This latest advertisement ends with “The future of television” title displayed at the center of multicolored vertical blocks which have been used in most of the new Apple TV ads. You can watch the advertisement below:


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